Immediate Needs
March 23, 2020
cremation service in West Jordan

Questions After the Cremation Service

Everyone that faces a loss will also deal with a long and difficult journey to healing, starting with a cremation service in West Jordan, UT or non-traditional services, and often […]
March 16, 2020
West Valley City

Cremation Service Containers

During cremation services in West Valley City, UT, the body is placed inside a cremation container before being put inside the cremation chamber. These fully combustible containers are large and […]
March 9, 2020
Salt Lake City

Songs for Memorials

Music is a powerful tool that can evoke emotion and mood. There are many different kinds of songs out there that are perfect for memorial services, from traditional to modern […]
March 2, 2020
West Jordan

Choose Who Arranges Your Cremation Service

Traditionally, it is the next of kin that makes any arrangements for cremation services in West Jordan, UT. However, sometimes people wish to designate other people besides their next of […]
September 12, 2022
cremation services in Murray, UT

What is Funeral Crowning?

Funerals and cremation services in Murray, UT are often very sad events, as they are the times we mourn and say our final goodbyes. However, many cultures choose to instead […]
September 5, 2022
cremation service in South Jordan, UT

What to Do with a Military Funeral Flag

What should you do with a military funeral flag after a cremation service in South Jordan, UT? After all, you want to respectfully remember your lost loved one and honor […]
August 22, 2022
cremation service in Sandy, UT

Set Up a Memorial in Your Home

Do you want to honor your loved one after a cremation service in Sandy, UT? Use these ideas as inspiration to make a special memorial in your home.   Losing […]
August 15, 2022
cremation service in Murray, UT

Different Types of Grief Counseling

We all go through grief after a loss and cremation service in Murray, UT, but we don’t need to do it alone. There are many different ways you can get […]
August 8, 2022
cremation service in South Jordan, UT


Cremains are the bone fragments left over after a body has gone through a cremation service in South Jordan, UT. The term “cremains” is a portmanteau, meaning it’s a blending […]
August 1, 2022
cremation service in Sandy, UT

What Does “Normal” Grief Look Like?

What does “normal” grief look like after the loss of a loved one and a cremation service in Sandy, UT? Grief can manifest in a variety of ways, from physical […]
July 25, 2022
cremation service in Murray UT

How to Lend a Helping Hand to Someone Who’s Grieving

How can you bring comfort to someone who is grieving after a loss and a cremation service in Murray, UT? You most likely want to be helpful in a concrete […]
July 18, 2022
cremation services in South Jordan UT

Final Disposition and Cremation Services

Final disposition is a legal term referring to what happens to a body after death. The most common disposition methods are burial, internment, and cremation services in South Jordan, UT, […]
July 11, 2022
cremation service in Sandy UT

How to Be There for Someone Who is Grieving

Losing a loved one and going through their cremation service in Sandy, UT will never be easy. What can you do to help someone who is going through this pain? […]